Happy Independence Day – Respect

Independence day message

Happy Independence Day

What do you think, Sending photos or messages on independence day is a very nice way to show our Respect for our Country and Flag.. Really ? If you really want to respect something then respect…

– Those Girls and women outside from out family who are getting rapped and kidnapped daily. Are they not from the same country we are giving Respect? Try to save them, they are our responsibility.

– Respect to our workplace, where we are cheating everyday by not doing our duties properly. We blame other in Post offices, Govt. Offices, Ticket counters, Trains/Buses, Politicians that they are not don’t their work well, but are we doing our duties properly for our Job, Society and Country?

– In India everyday people donating thousands on the name of Religion, Gods and Dharam Gurus, that is respect to our Devote to religion but when it’s about giving something to a needy beggar, who actually need that money to survive that time we start searching coins in our pockets. Is that respect to humanity?

I just want to say.. Its time to change..
Not to Govt., Not to politicians, even not to others.
It’s time to change for everyone and our thinking.

Please Live with the thought that “India is my home, every citizen is my family and it is my responsibility to make it better world for our bright future.”

Jai Hind,
Happy Indipendence Day.

– Mandeep Saini

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